As proud Kiwis, we want to support those who work tirelessly towards helping others and keeping our local environment beautiful. We view our community partnerships as staying true to the values that have made Tip Top one of the most trusted brands, and we’re looking ahead to being part of a sustainable future.

Tip Top iceblocks & trumpets


As the catalyst to Optimism, we want to support those who also work towards helping others and make New Zealand the most Optimistic country in the world. Learn more about our proud partnerships and donations below.

Sustainable Coastlines & Trumpet

We’ve proudly partnered with Sustainable Coastlines to help clean up and protect our beaches and biodiversity. Sustainable Coastlines is a nationwide organisation whose hard work involves raising awareness and mobilising individuals and organisations to care for our beaches, rivers and coastal environments.

With 60 summers already notched up, Trumpet will be here for many more to come - and we intend to support Sustainable Coastlines’ beach clean-up efforts with sponsored clean-ups.

We’re in support of Sustainable Coastline’s goal to see 60% less litter on the coastlines of New Zealand by 2030. Since 2009, they have coordinated and supported clean-up activities that have resulted in more than 1.7 million litres of litter cleaned up off beaches, waterways and public spaces to date. We are excited to sponsor these events, engage in positive solutions for our community and learn more about preventative measures ‘upstream’ when it comes to litter. 

Cleaning up our own backyard

We’re also addressing the role of packaging pollution as part of the problem. We know recyclable packaging has an important part to play in resolving the environmental challenges that our planet is facing. And we know ours can still do better. We’re on a journey to move Trumpet to fully sustainable packaging by 2026, with cardboard and paper sourced from responsibly managed forests or recycled materials. We’ll be honest: this is a process that takes time and testing, especially to keep the iconic Trumpet crispy-ness and quality that Kiwis know and expect, but we’re already taking steps towards that goal.

Mental Health Foundation

Tip Top has been a long-term supporter of the Mental Health Foundation. Tip Top’s purpose “Bringing moments of happiness to Kiwis, one ice cream at a time” is an ideal fit with the Mental Health Foundation and its mission.

Two key events that Tip Top gets involved with are Pink Shirt Day and Mental Health Awareness Week. Each year, these events are championed by Tip Top staff internally, and we also have a working partnership with the Mental Health Foundation on campaigns to help spread their key messages far and wide.

For instance, as part of Mental Health Awareness week in 2023, Tip Top went out to thank front line workers for their efforts in supporting Mental Health with a surprise ice cream shout. This included the staff at the Mental Health Foundation, and also other dedicated volunteer organisations.

To find out more about the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand and find support click here

A family with an Auckland Zoo employee learning about the Tuatara

Auckland Zoo, bringing you closer to the wild.

Tip Top is a proud partner of the Auckland Zoo.

As a wildlife conservation science organisation, Auckland Zoo are on a mission to bring people together to enable the survival of our wild world and create a future in which species are safe from extinction.

Auckland Zoo are a not-for-profit organisation that is part of a global network of zoos, which are focused on conserving the world’s wildlife and wild places. Which means partnership, sponsorship, donation and even general admission tickets goes towards Auckland Zoo’s conservation efforts in Aotearoa and around the world.

These efforts go directly to the response and support of affected communities.

To donate you can visit the Auckland Zoo website here

New Zealand Food Network

Over a number of years, Tip Top has partnered with the NZ Food Network to help distribute donated Tip Top ice cream product to the most-needy in our communities.

Over 2023, an amazing total of 35,000kg of ice creams were donated by Tip Top. That equates to almost 600,000 serves of ice cream!

In addition, a number of Tip Top staff volunteered their time to help pack much needed 4,320 food parcels at the NZ Food Network headquarters.

During Mental Health Awareness Week in September, Tip Top arranged to surprise the hard-working staff at NZ Food Network with some ice creams to brighten up their day, and to say thanks for their efforts as front-line workers supporting those most in need.

To find out more about the NZ Food Network, click here.