Tip Top iceblocks & trumpets


Selling Tip Top Ice Cream at your event is a sweet way to turn a profit. Tip Top ice cream is loved by kiwis, and we want to bring our ice cream to where the people are!

Anyone, anywhere, anytime

Anyone is able to sell Tip Top ice cream with our mobile equipment we've developed. Caterers, community groups, schools and customers can use our equipment for free, and buy Tip Top ice cream at wholesale prices.

What you need to know

You'll need to pick up the equipment from the local storage location. We might be able to bring it to you if you've got special circumstances. There is a minimum spend of $350 per cart hire or little guy trailer, and $700 for a caravan. A bond and lease agreement will need to be filled out when you collect your equipment. So if this sounds like you, email [email protected]

How much money can you make from selling Tip Top Ice Cream?

Here's how much money you can make from selling our ice creams.

Number of boxes
Number of ice creams
Potential profit
$100 - $150
$500 - $750
$1,000 - $1,500

* Based on a generic mix, price ranging from standard to rounded for events

Order equipment

To order Tip Top equipment for your next fundraising event you'll need to request access to our online portal by emailing [email protected]

Already have access? View our portal instructions (PDF)