Become a retailer

Become a retailer

Tip Top has been making delicious ice creams right here in New Zealand for over 75 years. We have market leading brands and flavours that are loved by Kiwis of all ages. We are New Zealand owned and operated. Our ice creams are made with only fresh New Zealand milk and cream.

Why sell Tip Top

We have an extensive sales contractor network which means real time ordering and on time delivery,
reducing storage requirements and ensuring you always have the stock you need.
All in a freezer that is maintained by reliable and specialist ice cream sales people.

Selling tips

Always stock the best sellers

Stock the best selling ice creams so people can find what they know and love. Tip Top has many of the best selling impulse ice creams in New Zealand, such as Choc Bar and Popsicle Lemonade.

Make sure everyone knows you sell ice cream!

Display point of sale items such as pavement signs and flags outside your store. This attracts the attention of consumers as they pass by triggering a desire for ice cream.

Make sure your freezer is easy to find

Make sure your freezer is visible to customers when they enter your store. Near the counter and with other impulse items is the best position for your freezer.

Always keep your freezer full and clean

People are more likely to be attracted to and purchase from a freezer that is full and clean. Defrost and clean your freezer on a regular basis and frequently check stock levels.

Draw attention to your freezer

Use indoor point of sale items such as our perspex backing boards, basket labels and freezer stickers to make your freezer stand out.

Stock ice cream all year round

A third of all ice cream sales are made during the winter months. Simply cut down on the refreshing summer water ice products and open up the rich indulgent items for a winter treat. Your Tip Top sales contractor (our experts) can advise you on the best freezer size, where to position the freezer, which are the best products to stock and what freezer layout is best to maximise sales for your store summer or winter.

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