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Joy Bar

Have you heard the surprising true story of how the Joy Bar was named? In 1948, Tip Top's general manager asked his 12 year old daughter joy what to call their new creamy vanilla ice cream with a raspberry sauce centre and crispy choc shell. She loved it so much she suggested naming it after herself!

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Fresh nz milk cream
Natural colours and flavourss
Nz made
No palm oil
Gluten free

It's a New Zealand classic

We all love them!

Nutrition Information

Avg Quantity Per Serving Avg Quantity Per 100 g
Energy 680 kJ 1360 kJ
163 Cal 325 Cal
Protein 1.2 g 2.4 g
- gluten 0 mg 0 mg
Fat, total 11.2 g 22.4 g
- saturated 9.5 g 18.9 g
Carbohydrate 14.2 g 28.4 g
- sugars 13.2 g 26.4 g
Sodium 21 mg 42 mg

Serving size: 50 g (70 mL)


Ice cream [milk, cream, liquid sugar, water, milk solids non fat, glucose syrup (from maize), emulsifier (471), vegetable gums (412, 410, 407, 401), natural flavour]

Compound chocolate (28%) [vegetable oil, sugar, cocoa powder, milk solids, emulsifier (soy lecithin), natural flavour]

Raspberry sauce (17%) [raspberry puree (43%), sugar, water, acidity regulator (330), vegetable gum (466), natural flavours, natural colours (120, 153)]

Contains milk and soy, traces of peanuts and tree nuts may be present.

If you have an allergy please check the pack carefully.

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