Natural Colours & Flavours Q&A

  • What is happening to the Tip Top ice cream and ice block range?
  • When is this happening?
  • Why is Tip Top taking this step to remove artificial colours and flavours?
  • How do you define natural colours and flavours?
  • Will the ice creams change in taste or colour?
  • Will it cost more?
  • What natural sources are you using instead?
  • Will the ingredients list change?
  • I have allergies; will I be allergic to anything in the new ingredients?
  • Are all of your ingredients sourced in NZ?
  • Why didn’t Tip Top make those changes earlier?

Tip Top FAQs

Ice Cream Myths

  • What’s the difference between ice cream and iced confection or dairy dessert?
  • Will eating ice cream too fast give me a headache?

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