So, what makes it so good?

  • Well, lots of fresh New Zealand milk and cream for starters.
  • We only ever use natural colours and flavours.
  • And where we can, we use real fruit. (A lot of that fruit is grown in places like Nelson, Auckland, Hawke's Bay and Central Otago. Because we also like to share local ingredients.)
  • We don’t use Palm Oil in our ice cream.
  • Add all that to our 80 or more years of ice cream making experience and you’ve got a good recipe for good ice cream.

What are the numbers in the ingredients? 

This is where it gets a little sciencey.  You’ll see some numbers in the ingredients on the back of Tip Top packaging, these are the common food additives we use in our ice cream. The names can be confusing, so we give them numbers to make it simpler, like Sodium Bicarbonate is (500).

What are Emulsifiers and Vegetable Gums?

We use emulsifiers and vegetable gums, which come from plants, to make sure that the ice cream reaches you in tip top condition. They perform a number of jobs, including slowing down the growth of ice crystals, making sure that the ice cream stays nice and creamy and doesn't melt too quickly in your bow. 

When you’re making custard or mayonnaise at home, eggs usually are used to make it creamy and bind the ingredients together. But because we know lots of people are allergic to egg and we want to make sure our ice creams are good to share with as many people as possible, we use an egg-free emulsifier, made from vegetable oil. 

For the record, the main emulsifiers we use are: Emulsifier (471 ) - Mono and Diglycerides of fatty acids and Emulsifier (477) Propylene Glycol Esters of fatty acids. These may sound crazy, but they're actually just emulsifiers that are derived from non-palm based vegetable oils! 

Good to know

Where we can, we use real fruit. Like our Fruju’s are so fruity because we use real fruit juice. And the boysenberries in our Boysenberry Ripple ice cream come from Nelson. We don’t use substitutes in our ice cream (like some of the others) - we choose to use fresh New Zealand milk and cream.

We only ever use natural colours and flavours. Purple carrots help make the jelly in our Jelly Tip jelly so red. And turmeric and spirulina make the greeny colour of our Goody-Goody Gumdrops ice cream.

Enviro-Mark – Diamond Certified

At Tip Top, we’re Enviro-Mark Diamond Certified. What does that mean you ask?

It means that Tip Top has a certified Environmental Management System which is all about reducing our impact on the environment. And, that we have a team who are always working to find ways we can make Tip Top more sustainable. 

That way, everything we do is good to share. 

How we make our ice cream